Tea Bagged

Yeah so I still haven’t gone out to get my French press and I’m in no rush…I figured I’d be a bit more resourceful and do it the tea bag way.  Use the filter as the bag and wrap thread around it, turn on the kettle and RUN IT… …and it’s already ready! It only … Continue reading Tea Bagged

“…the distinctions of people who don’t have a lot and live in the middle of nowhere.  It had to do with something called respectability–there were respectable people and not-so-respectable people–and although you didn’t have to be rich to be respectable, you sure had to work harder at it if you weren’t.” #dreamsfrommyfather #barackobama Continue reading

Black with Sugar

This was one of my personal reading goals. Finish Barack Obama’s autobiography Dreams from My Father.  I think this is a good start to a morning read over a hot cup.  Especially because I had to old skool it and brew it over the stovetop.  Thus far, his father threatened a guy over his smoking … Continue reading Black with Sugar